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I am Alicia, wife and momma<3


I’ve battled addiction, rejection, divorce, anxiety, depression and my own self-worth.

I’ve struggled physically with brain fog, acne, painful periods, adenomyosis, bloating, dental problems, fatigue, headaches and allergies. I went from zero medications to 6+ despite all my own efforts of working out and trying to eat healthy. It left me feeling so alone and unheard as nothing worked and the side-effects of all the medications seemed to make everything worse.


It led me down a long journey away from western medicine and their solution to masking symptoms and into functional where you focus on the root cause. Through it all, it’s become my passion to help educate women on how a lot of their symptoms are connected and if they get to the root of them, they might be able to finally FEEL their best, free of medication<3

I believe that what Satan may intend for Evil, God can use for His glory and my mission here is to help women who may feel lost, alone, broken or unworthy like I once had- find comfort in knowing they are not alone and to inspire them to find the strength to keep on going. So they may give their life new meaning and be empowered to use their pain to rewrite their future; mentally, physically or financially.

Because you can. 

And if you have no idea where to start…. You’re in the right place.

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