Dear Mama feeling PULLED to Financial Freedom And Yearning To Feel Her Best,

I am so glad you’re here and as promised, I am delivering everything I wish I knew when I first went looking for something outside of feeling completely lost to the unexpected roll of motherhood AND how to save you a lot of time, money and pain from trying to figure out the roadmap by yourself or going into any make-money-from-home opportunity, blind.


What I am here to share with you today has the potential to change everything about the quality of your life as you now know it IF you open the door for it


Whether that is:

  • Trying to find a simple yet effective workout solution to help you stay consistent and connect with a coach and community to keep you accountable

  • How to feel better from the inside out and rewire your brain to work for you, bringing you MORE life and joy than you could have ever imagined possible

  • How to break the cycle of excessive cardio and recondition your brain to view food as FUEL instead of obsessing about calorie counting thanks to diet-culture

  • How to take your health journey and USE IT to make money from home while helping others (without doing any of the crap I first did that normal network marketers will teach you …)

  • And instead, how you can use a proven marketing method that blows you ahead of the spam-culture masses making you thousands of dollars per month in UPFRONT revenue with no tech or marketing knowledge to begin with…


My mission here is to help those ambitious moms who are serious about changing their lives, skip the heartache I went through in my own personal journey so that they can spend their valuable time taking actions that will get them measurable results.


 But in order for me to help you do so, all that is required is two things:


  1.  The desire on your part

  2. And your willingness to commit to the action necessary to make YOUR dreams a reality …


You see, I could never say it better than Tony Robbins himself…

Humans are capable BUT what they WILL do is different.

You have to exercise your WILL and take the action necessary to produce the results you want to see in your life.


With that, I know this blueprint is about health & wealth BUT in order to move forward I have to acknowledge the foundation and mindset shifts that changed my life and brought us here-together, to begin with…


How it all started…

I literally remember so vividly the depression that hit me after becoming a first time mom. Coming from being financially independent in my career to a stay-at-home mom and having to lean on my Husband for everything was truly humbling and at times really depressing.

You see, I grew up watching every woman in my family depend on a man - time and time again for everything - all to see their relationships fall apart and them be left with nothing.

Unfortunately, I found myself repeating that history. After my ex-husband left me for another woman, I was left broke, in debt, without a job or home all while withdrawing from drugs. It was then that I swore I would never allow myself to be in that situation again. 

I had the choice to crumble like I had seen before me and become a victim to my circumstances or use it as an opportunity to rebuild my life. I chose life. I found my sobriety from opiates, replaced it with health and fitness and climbed to the top position in a corporate career which then led me and my newfound confidence to attract a man I didn’t think existed.

A man I truly believe would never hurt me or give up on us. Quitting isn’t an option for him, even when we drive each other crazy-let's be real, right? Haha. But it was like God knew exactly what I needed to heal from all of my insecurities when it came to feeling worthy of love.

And healing He was.

But just like any story, just because life gets better doesn’t mean it’s not going to knock you back down again.

After giving birth to my daughter – down I went again...

I literally felt like I was floating outside of my body watching life happen to me.

It was NOTHING like I had expected it to be. Besides the whole birth process being traumatic and her flying in like the wrecking ball (seriously I had no time for drugs she was out within 2 hours of being at the hospital) the doctor informed me she was colicky. This vision of what motherhood looked like in my head where your little one is comforted by just being in your arms, didn't exist for me. Nothing I could do would stop her from crying and all I wanted myself was to cry to my own mom.

However, I tried calling and calling with no answer. Only to find out 3 days after I got home from giving birth to my daughter that my mother was in the hospital, having almost died because she hadn’t eaten or drank anything in 5 days as she wasn’t lucid. It was 4 weeks before I was able to talk to her and through that experience, we found out she was living undiagnosed with bipolar disorder and that this episode was what caused her psychosis. (I promise this story turns around soon, haha).

I felt like I lost everything- my career, my independence, my mother, my body…. me.

The only thing I had was this hope that just like other tough seasons in my life- this wasn't going to last forever. So after being encouraged to seek help, my doctor diagnosed me with postpartum depression and within weeks of finally accepting help from an anti-depressant to take the edge off, it got easier to get out of bed again and be the mother I knew my daughter needed.

Now before my little girl, I had a really unhealthy relationship with food & fitness. I am pretty sure that stemmed from being left for another woman and not feeling secure in my own skin but all to say I was obsessed with counting calories and doing excessive cardio. So as I overcame one season in my life as a new mother I was still left defeated to how out of control I felt to another. 

I was anxious to feel comfortable in my skin again but I had absolutely NO time to make it to a gym. My Husband worked 12-16 hour days and it felt like I was a single mom as I had absolutely no support or family nearby to help. I had to find some kind of solution to still be there for my daughter but also have something that made me feel a little like me again (whatever that meant anyways, haha).

Let's be honest, us moms need all the endorphins we can get, right?? So knowing that my husbands crazy hours have never allowed him to make it to a gym himself, as soon as I was cleared to workout, I decided to give these at-home dvd workouts  that he always used a go…

Which brings us to Secret #1: How I Got Into The Best Shape Of My Life From Home, Used A Simple And Proven Workout Schedule To Stay Consistent And Rediscovered Myself Outside Of Motherhood ​

HOLY crap I almost died. Hahaha. Just kidding, but really after years of being a gym rat I don’t think I have ever done a workout that effective in under 30 minutes. I was so excited! It gave me hope that all those other moms who told me that I better invest in some Spanx because I’d never get body back could suck it. (If you can’t tell by now... I am fueled by the negative, doubters of the world…haha).

Now after I burnt myself out doing the same workout DVD's over and over again, I discovered that they had more workouts on-demand. Which was like Netflix but for fitness, right? So I could stream any program on my tv/laptop and each program came with a calendar. All I had to do was print or screenshot the calendar, wake up and while my daughter did her morning tummy time I hit play on the workout that calendar told me to do that day. No guess work. No putting together my own workout, no YouTubing random workouts each day. Just hit play, be done in under 30 minutes and follow the 4-8 week program through. Then when I finished I could do that program again OR switch to a different one!

All for UNDER $100 A YEAR.

That is less than my MONTHLY membership to the gym I never made it to...before I even had the kids stopping me from going in the first place haha!


And guess what!?

9 months later, thanks to stealing my husbands login and his inspiration to try it out in the first place- I lost ALL the baby weight, FROM HOME while my daughter did tummy time or crawled around or all over me haha.

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It had all my friends asking me how I did it and left me inspired to help them... insert my new something to focus on that gave me a sense of purpose outside of the monotonous daily duties of wiping butts all day. SO, I gave out my husbands login to all of my friends and started these text threads to hound them to keep going.


About a month in, my husband found out. He was not happy with He was nervous I would get our access restricted, so he changed the password and asked me not to share it with anyone. Of course I understood but it left me in bed that night thinking, “Is this it for me?”…

Scrolling through social media watching all these women build these incredible lives by themselves thinking, "Why not me too?"

So, I started googling…. and let me tell you, it’s crazy what you allow to come to you when you open up the door to life’s possibilities

Which leads us into...

Secret #2: Getting Paid...



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