In need of support and accountability to help reach your goals!?
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The reason I call our community FIT 𝐰𝐢𝐭𝐡 𝐠𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐞 is because I believe that grace has to be something we allow ourselves in order to progress together in each of our journey's to a SUSTAINABLE healthy and fulfilling life.

So....How does this work?

  • Pick from HUNDREDS of programs to fit your lifestyle, schedule and goals

    • No guesswork, they all come with a calendar to tell you what to do everyday

    • Do them anywhere you have wifi or download them to your device and stream them anytime

  • A month of our Nutrient Dense Shakes  

    • to give you the energy and nutrition your body is craving to help you reach your goals!

  • Join a virtual accountability group

    • with other amazing people striving and motivating each other to help reach their goals OR

    • go it alone and reach out as you need me:)


Choose from:

  • Fitness level

    • Beginner, intermediate, advanced

  • Workout type:

    • Athletic training, bodyweight training, bootcamp, cardio, circuit training, core, dance, HIIT, Kids & family, low impact, MMA training, boxing, meditation, mobility, muscle building, pre & post natal, slim & tone, rest & recovery, strength training, yoga and so much more!

  • Duration

    • under 30 minutes

    • 30 minutes +

    • 60 minutes +

  • Programs with no equipment required

  • Specified muscle groups

  • Or your preferred trainer!



I am a busy mom who is not one with a thumb for the kitchen (my Husband is the chef in this family) Shakeology makes getting in my nutritional needs EASY. When you join our monthly challenge groups, Shakeology will be an integral part of the meal plan. After all, nutrition is 80% of the work!

I used to drink my breakfast in coffee or skip it altogether. I would buy SO much produce in hopes to eat more of my fruits and veggies and they would all just GO BAD. Talk about money down the drain.

NOW, as I have either been breastfeeding or pregnant for what seems like forever... my caffeine intake has to be monitored. Goodbye second cup of coffee and hello Shakeology and Energize. Approved by my Doctor, Shakeology is made from whole foods with no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colors, additives, or GMO ingredients.

It is a simple way to get your vitamins in, increase your hydration, and help curb your cravings!


I believe with all my heart that you are what you surround yourself with.


We are all just a bunch of Women trying to figure out motherhood, how to balance work, family and ourselves.

Through the ups and the downs, we celebrate each others victories and encourage each other through life's inevitable struggles!

These groups are run through a private app so only you and the other women in the group will see your conversations. 

So, let's get you started on a journey to a new you with a community of women ready to be in your corner through it all!