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You only get one body.
Let's make it your priority.

If you're ready to quit looking for that quick fix and create a lifestyle where you don't live by diet culture or depriving yourself. Your in the right place. My number one goal is to show you that by allowing grace into your journey, you open up the door to progress that will be SUSTAINABLE for the healthy and fulfilling life you desire.
Welcome to the SHAPED for gr𝐚𝐜𝐞 family.

How does it work?

  • Pick from HUNDREDS of programs to fit your lifestyle, schedule and goals

    • No guesswork, they all come with a calendar to tell you what to do everyday

    • Do them anywhere you have wifi or download them to your device and stream them anytime

  • A month of our Nutrient Dense Shakes or Pre & Post Workout

    • to give you the energy and nutrition your body is craving to help you reach your goals.

  • Join a virtual accountability group

    • with other amazing women striving and challenging each other to help reach their goals OR

    • go it alone and reach out as you need me:)

Don't know where to start? Book a complimentary consultation with me as I ask the hard questions that will help rewire your thinking to reach your goals.

"First off I'm so proud of every single one of us! You ladies kicked ass! I'm so happy for this challenge group and for you guys. Thank you for pushing me on the days I didn't want to do anything.

The 9 Weeks have given me the results I was hoping for and I will continue to get the results I need"

Krystal S.

  • Fitness level:

    • Beginner, intermediate, advanced

  • Workout type:

    • Athletic training, bodyweight training, bootcamp, cardio, circuit training, core, dance, HIIT, Kids & family, low impact, MMA training, boxing, meditation, mobility, muscle building, pre & post natal, slim & tone, rest & recovery, strength training, yoga and so much more!

  • Duration:

    • UNDER 30 minutes

    • 30 minutes +

    • 60 minutes +

  • Programs with no equipment required

  • Specified muscle groups

  • Or your favorite personal trainer


"OMG! 4 Frigging weeks completed! I've never done something consistently like this for 4 weeks straight! I LOVE the way these programs are designed to tell me what to do! 

Holy Crap.

I'm so proud of myself😭"

Sarah H.

Nutrition + Supplements

Nobody is EVER motivated all the time. Not even me. BUT life is ALL about the choices we make and nutrition programs are for anyone who wants to take back control over their body & mind!


Our supplements will help you perform on the days you just can't find that "ooomp" and our 2 nutrition programs to choose from will help you shift your mindset of viewing food as the enemy to food being the fuel to get you to your goals without EVER restricting. Changing the way you THINK about food will be the key into transforming you from feeling okay, to the AMAZING, strong & healthy women you want to be!

The Community

Facts are facts. You are what you surround yourself with.

What does your circle look like? 

Are they challenging you to be the person in you dying to come out???

If your answer was no, we need to change that. Here in our community you will find like-minded women trying to figure out how to balance motherhood,  work, family and themselves and challenging each other to do so. Through the ups and the downs, we will celebrate each others victories and encourage each other through life's inevitable struggles. I promise they're coming but finding a community of women who strive to empower each other? That is straight life changing. 

But I can't decide to change that for you, you have to be ready.

So answer me this, what does your life look like one year from today?

If it hurts to say, "this time next year, I will be in this same spot, feeling the same way I do reading this right now..."

Tap that button below and lets take the action necessary to bridge the gaps to your goals and 

feeling more than just "okay" but straight AMAZING.


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