About Me...

I come from a broken family. I was raised a Christian but quit believing after a toxic relationship that ended in a divorce. I smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and I popped pills like they were candy. I witnessed the life of drug dealers and gang members. I was raised on food stamps, section 8 housing and going to food banks every now and then for dinner. I could probably go on...

BUT that is not the story I want to focus on because my story does NOT end there.

You see, everything I went through, I would go through a thousand times over to be where I am today.


It used to be just this pretty word or some girls name at school. It wasn't until years ago, back in 2013, that it would actually become a word that defined my life.


Because, even when I quit believing and my faith went down the gutter with my marriage, Jesus never gave up on me.

He created a life for me and all I had to do was make the decision to LIVE it.

So, I finally did.


Today, I am married to my Best friend.

I never knew I could be loved the way this man loves me. Honestly, I didn't believe it existed. There is no drama. There is no jealousy. Nothing, but his love and encouragement, daily. He believes in me, more than I believe in myself and man, does he make me laugh, when all I wanna do is be grumpy and hormonal sometimes.


Together, we get to do life. Together, we get to be two sinners at the foot of the cross, united in desperate need of grace and forgiveness.

Today, I no longer worry about filling up my gas tank, groceries in our refrigerator or a roof over my head!

Today, I no longer worry about my next cigarette, drug fix or who might be getting beat up around me.

Today, we have two beautiful kids, Aurora and our son Amias. Who I will do everything in my power and prayers to protect and show them that absolutely ANYTHING in life is possible.

Today and everyday, I would go through it all, a thousand times over, to be standing where I am, living the example of

His Grace.


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