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Thank You For Your Application

Here's What To Expect Next...


First – We have received your application and will be reviewing your application within the next 48 hrs.


Second – If we approve your application, you will be receiving a confirmation email & getting a call from either me or one of my strategy specialists at your desired time. Here we will be able to answer any questions you may have and get to know you and your goals so that we can find out how to effectively best serve you in reaching them.

Lastly – Once your appointment is confirmed, put a reminder in your phone for our call. I know life is busy and it can feel like it's never the right time but if you are ambitious, driven and ready to change the trajectory of your life in a meaningful way, then make this call a priority and let's discuss together whether or not this might be a good fit for you<3

Chat soon,

Alicia Hernandez

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