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Why you shouldn't compare your love story❤️

Hey guess what? My Love Story is SO different than yours! Single, dating or married...Don’t compare your season or what you have to the person next to you, especially if it’s through the lens of social media.

I could TOTALLY compare mine to what is “normal” to society but that would just leave me blinded to what’s right in front of me. ⁣

For example, my husband is not a hopeless romantic. At all. Do any of y’all know how he proposed to me?⁣

We were sitting on his couch at his bachelor pad, 3 am on New Years Day. I just gave him a sweet letter I wrote and he looked at me and said, “Alicia Anne, will you marry me?!”⁣

No knee and no ring (granted, he did buy one but didn’t know he would have to wait weeks while they put it together). ⁣


Buzzed at 3AM!⁣

....and we had just met 3 months prior.!

😱←probably what people thought... haha. Guess what I said?

Well... obviously, yes⁣.

Do you know what my husband IS though? ⁣

He is kind. He is honest. He is hyper. ⁣

He is all heart and full of humor. ⁣

He is exactly what God knew my empathetic life, NEEDED. He doesn’t let my bad moods change his, instead he finds a way to change mine. He’s the better part of me and he wouldn’t be the man that I fell in love with if he proposed any other way...and I would have missed out on a heart that was just too excited to contain himself should I have compared that moment to someone else’s reality. ⁣

So just a reminder...may we all smell the roses where we are. We’ll never be happy with what’s right in front of us with expectations of someone else’s realities. ⁣

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