Are you grateful for what you have but just know deep within your being that there is more for your life? 

More meaning. More impact. More income. 

👉You watch those influencers, network marketers or course creators on Instagram living their best life and wonder how you can make it happen for your family too…


👉You’ve considered joining that girl in that MLM but you don’t want to send those “hey girl” messages


👉You’ve considered making a course, but you have no idea where to start or what it would be about


👉You need something for you. Something to bring you purpose, joy and a feeling of accomplishment. Something that allows you to be able to contribute in ways you've always dreamed of as you defy the odds of what you KNOW is possible.


👉You have these BIG dreams of creating a BIG income while making an a huge impact, you just have no idea how to get from point A to point B.


My mission here is to help those who are serious about rewriting the trajectory of their lives, find a vehicle that makes it POSSIBLE. 


To help them find comfort in knowing that their god-given desires are there for a REASON and to help them spend their valuable time taking actions that will get them measurable results without the heartache I first went through to get there when I first started my business.

However, in order for me to help you do so, two things are required:


1. The desire on your part

2. And your willingness to commit to the action necessary to make YOUR dreams a reality …

Are you done dreaming and ready to take action?

Because now is the time. As technology keeps advancing the work from home online industry is set to grow by $403 BILLION DOLLARS by 2025.

Unfortunately, when it comes to building a profitable business from home, most people fail. Seriously, only 1% are successfully generating $100,000 or more per month or even year!


Which means that this current Billion dollar industry is only going to 1% of its entrepreneur’s and that is NOT for lack of trying.

They are just doing what most new entrepreneurs are taught to do in order to grow their businesses online, right?

  • Posting multiple times a day on social media trying to build a huge following

  • Spamming strangers on social media with "hey girl" messages

  • Attracting clients who may be inspired by their story but not willing to invest in their opportunity or product

  • Building teams with people who are not anywhere near as ambitious as they are or aren't willing to go through what it takes to build multiple 6 or 7 figure incomes

  • Spending on ads with no return, knowledge or strategy 

  • Not following through on anything they started..

  • While they make small commissions or profits from their business until they get discouraged, drained and quit…


Real businesses don’t operate this way and if you can’t pivot and be flexible in your methods, you will get sold on the hope of becoming that successful 1% by doing things that aren’t working anymore.


If you are going to enter into the realm of a home based business using your social media, expecting to be profitable, you need to offer something that others can’t, not the same thing as everyone else with no system or leverage in place to successfully duplicate or profit, without losing your time and sanity.


Over the next few pages, I am going to share with you how our Rewritten By Design Method is helping those within my community attract high quality prospects using automation; converting 15+ ideal clients a month and making upward of $1000 per new client UPFRONT while growing their residual income without EVER spamming a soul. Literally, their prospects are showing up in their inbox and applying to work WITH them.


How would you feel to have people who want what you have to offer, just showing up in your inbox ready to buy?

Freaking amazing, right!?


With that, I am not here to waste your time SO...

Keep Reading Along ONLY IF:

  • You are done scrolling through social media late at night watching all these influencers creating a life of financial freedom from home, wondering, "Why not me too?" 

  • You want to learn more about how to offer something to the market that the masses aren’t, catapulting you to the top

  • You want to build a meaningful, life changing business that ends up giving you not only financial freedom BUT time freedom too!

  • You feel this UNFULFILLED empty space in your being- like you were MADE FOR MORE and are seeking a vehicle to make an income which, in turn, allows you to meaningfully impact the world in a positive way 


In the following pages we are going to cover:

Secret #1: Getting Started - How I use a high-quality program that the market wants to make UPFRONT REVENUE while building my residual income and how you can too

Secret #2: Client Attraction - How I attract high quality prospects using automation while I spend time with my loved ones

Secret #3: Duplication - How I Made This Possible For Any Woman Looking To Start & Scale A Business From Home WITHOUT Spamming Friends Or Family


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