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Dear Momma who is grateful for what she has but knows there is more for her life…


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  • You are done scrolling through social media late at night watching all these influencers, wondering, "Is this it for me?" Knowing deep down you feel pulled to be on the other side or to something more for your life

  • You might be searching for a simple yet effective workout solution to help you FINALLY stay consistent with your health goals while getting in the best shape of your entire life

  • You're looking to live a FULFILLING life, feeling good from the inside out while learning how to rewire your brain to work FOR you, bringing you MORE life and MORE joy than you could have ever imagined possible

  • You feel this UNFULFILLED empty space in your being- like you were MADE FOR MORE and are seeking a vehicle to earn an additional income which, in turn, allows you to meaningfully impact the world in a positive way 

My mission here is to help those who are serious about changing the trajectory of their lives, find a vehicle that makes it POSSIBLE.

To help them find comfort in knowing that their god-given desires are there for a REASON and to help them spend their valuable time taking actions that will get them measurable results without the heartache I first went through to get there when I first started my business.

However, in order for me to help you do so, two things are required:


  1. The desire on your part

  2. And your willingness to commit to the action necessary to make YOUR dreams a reality …

Basically this means 

You are done dreaming and you're ready to DO, right?


You're done victimizing yourself to life's inevitable challenges and you are ready to be the VICTOR of them.

You see, I believe with my whole being that what Satan may intend for Evil, God can use for His glory. BUT it's up to us to shift our perspectives and take the action to make it all worth it, wouldn't you agree?

What's crazy to think about is that all of us could have the exact same thing happen to us BUT depending on the perspective we choose to see it from, that ends up dictating the direction we will go in our life. Bitter or better basically, right?


Growing up I watched every woman in my family depend on a man - time and time again for everything - all to see their relationships fall apart and them be left with nothing.

And unfortunately, I found myself repeating that history. Got married young and when my ex-husband left me for another woman, I was left broke, in debt, without a job or home all while withdrawing from drugs. It was then that I swore to myself I would never be in that situation again. 


I had the choice to crumble like I had seen before me and become a victim to my circumstances or to use it as an opportunity to rebuild my life. It was through the courageous woman who shared their stories on social media that I found hope... their stories became my survival guide.


I found my sobriety from opiates, replaced it with health and fitness and climbed to the top position in a corporate career which then led me to a man I didn’t think existed. But it was like God knew exactly what I needed to heal from all of my insecurities when it came to feeling worthy of love.


But just like any story, just because life gets better doesn’t mean it’s not going to knock you back down again, right?

Annnnnnd after giving birth to our daughter – into the hands of postpartum depression I went...

I literally felt like I was floating outside of my body watching life happen to me.

Motherhood was NOTHING like I had expected it to be. My daughter was colicky and completely inconsolable and I literally felt like I was losing myself to it all... juggling my corporate job and motherhood, my independence, my body before baby, my unhealthy relationship with food…. me.

I needed something for me. Something more that felt meaningful. That gave me purpose and brought me joy. That made me feel accomplished or like I was able to contribute. I didn't know what I needed but I knew I was desperate for something different...

Which brings us to how I rediscovered myself outside of motherhood, got into the best shape of my life from home and found purpose in my journey.


SECRET #1: How I Got Into The Best Shape Of My Life From Home...



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