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Secret #1: Getting Started: How I Use A High-Quality Course That The Market Wants To Make UPFRONT REVENUE While Building My Residual Income And How You Can Too

Listen, people do not care about your certifications or credentials. They only want to know that you can get from where they are to where to want to be, right?


They want to know that YOU can get them the results they are looking for.


Your opportunity or program needs to take them, step-by-step from their current situation to their desired outcome.


So say someone has always been interested in capitalizing on the intended result of network marketing but never wanted to do the ineffective and constant-draining recruitment activities that most are taught to do in order to succeed. 

Do you have a way to go against the masses and show them that there is another way to build a massively profitable business WITHOUT doing what everyone else is doing?

What about a course? You know that this is a great way to make some money but how do you even start? What do you have to offer someone, right? How do you even decide on a high-quality course to sell?


Well, start with YOU. What are your skills and passions AND how can that be a solution the market is looking for?


Some example solutions that sell:

  1. Business

  2. Marketing

  3. Health & Fitness

  4. Personal Development

  5. Graphic Design

  6. Technology

  7. Day Trading

  8. Life Coaching

People are investing in these types of courses EVERYDAY and the estimated growth within the online education industry is expected to grow by the billions in the next couple of years!

And the best part of all of this is that you don't have to be an expert with some fancy degree to have something to offer. If you have LIVED and are willing to LEARN then you have what it takes to build a life-changing business.


The first thing to know if you are going to become an entrepreneur though, is that you HAVE to be passionate about what you're selling or what you're doing or it will not work. It just won't.

So for example, I love health, fitness, personal development and inspiring others. So I went into a network marketing business where I get to do just that.

However, I went in a tad blindly with high hopes and dreams to recreate what the top 1% in my company had without realizing it wasn't 2014 anymore and methods CHANGED. 

2 years of burnout and time I can't get back with my family, I almost quit BUT because I was so passionate about what I was doing, something inside wouldn't let me and I ended up finding a solution instead.

What I do has given me the opportunity to turn my pain into possibility so even when the "how changes" that possibility is fueled by purpose and passion.


That is the key that will help you produce the result you want for your life.

Being in alignment with your opportunity and having the purpose & passion to pursue its endless possibilities with methods that feel good.


Catch that? Feel GOOD. That is why when I went to scale my business to make MORE, things took a bad turn for me….because the methods did NOT feel good. They felt gross and calculated... and I believe whole-heartedly this is why network marketers get such a bad rep and leave a terrible taste in most people’s mouth...

❌No one wants to bug their family and friends to sell a company’s products for a tiny profit

❌No one wants to post 500x a day with the intent of messaging everyone who watches their stories or comments on their photos.

 ❌No one wants to join your MLM when you are straight spamming them or creating calculated connections, right?


Because seriously, how do you duplicate that? Copy the person at the VERY TOP when the social media platform is completely saturated with people ALL doing the same thing? Sending those, “hey girl” messages and receiving no front-end money for doing the very hard work of recruiting?


That is what is being taught by the masses and is why so many people don't make it in network marketing or any home based business.

AND then when they get tired of posting without any return because the algorithm only shows their content to 10% of their followers, they spend money on BUYING followers (who probably won’t ever buy from them or care about their opportunity), social media graphics & marketing tools (that don’t give them a return on their investment) and TIME galore on posts that aren't even being seen!

Trust me, I've been there. 

Investing on hope with no leverage for a sound and SANE return.

I love and believe in what I do and how its allowed me to help and connect with so many women and I had some success doing it that way but I literally felt absolutely helpless when thinking about how to duplicate multiple six or seven figure success to another ambitious women like me, at the expense of her family...

I knew if I wanted to create a successful business built around meaningful work, to make this possible for ANY other ambitious woman like me out there, I had to slow down to speed up and allow my mind to step OUT of what the masses were teaching me to allot the room for a new opportunity to take its place…

So again, you've got to DIVE deep. What do you have to offer that the masses don’t? How are YOU going to stand out?


For example, I was on a mission to help women who wanted to capitalize on the intended opportunity within network marketing grow multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses online WITHOUT the burnout or old school tactics that require you to be constantly “ON” and in recruiting mode, putting yourselves at the mercy of uninterested prospects or spamming your friends or family, so I found it.


I teach my clients how to use a pre-proven method where they learn how to lead with a NEW opportunity that people actually want that they get for themselves to sell for UPFRONT REVENUE, making anywhere from $1000+ per new client.


So now they can spend their valuable time with their loved ones while their business is automated, bringing highly qualified people who are interested in what they have to offer TO THEM without wasting their time with those who aren't.


Sounds way better than having to be constantly “ON” to grow your business using ONLY your social media to fight the constantly changing algorithm, right?

You see the key to starting a business from home is simple:

  1. Have a desired company / program / product that helps people get from their current situation to their desired situation AND

  2. Have a leveraged way to market it

Can you imagine creating an impact while creating an INCOME and bringing paying customers TO YOU with ZERO REJECTION?


That’s what we teach people within our community.

How to work less, see more success and serve MORE. How to stop spinning their heads with where to start and what to do and how to get right into it.

Using real online marketing, leverage & automation.

So how can you do this, right?

I knew how I felt when I was banging my head against a wall trying ALL the things, mastering none and I knew I never wanted anyone I worked with to ever feel what I did when I began.

So I figured out how to offer a course that allows clients who partner with us to not only get to learn how to build their business from home leveraging online marketing and automation, but they get the opportunity to offer this same course for upfront profit, while they work on perfecting their business automation that creates their residual income in the background. That way they get the opportunity to EARN while they learn.

They get instant access to a 6+ week self-paced training course, teaching them how to start building their business online with advertising and sales funnels rather than stalking friends and family, posting and praying or trying to grow their social media with absolutely no leverage or direction to fight the ever-changing algorithm... and they can literally get leads from my team to help them make back their investment almost immediately. 

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 1.20.19 PM.png

So instead of, “hey girl, come join my MLM and try to build a big following, post 10x a day and invite 50+ people a day, burnout after a couple weeks and then do it again…”


WE teach systems. Systems create PROFIT, not blowing up our entire following or hustle culture.


Just take a look at this guy who just hit the 2-comma club using this exact method and is teaching others in our community to do the same after only 3 years of implementing these methods...

Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 12.33.50 PM.png

Are you getting excited?? Seriously, you should be because this is 100% possible for you too!


Alright, so your wheels are spinning to figure out what your NEW OPPORTUNITY could be but then what, right? 

But WHAT do you do after you know? Say after you put your own course together? How do you attract high quality prospects using automation WITHOUT doing the very hard work of recruiting or searching for them?


Well let's go….


Secret #2: Client Attraction

  • How I Attract High Quality Prospects Using Automation While I Spend Time With My Family 



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