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Secret #2: Client Attraction: How I Attract High Quality Prospects Using Automation While I Spend Time With My Loved Ones


Listen, the beauty in creating an automated sales system, is the freedom. You literally get to spend time with those you love while people COME to you.


No need to focus on the mentally draining task of creating constant content for people who aren’t even interested in what you have to offer.

No need to always feel like you have to have it together! If you’re anything like me, then you know you are not “ON” on all the time (thanks lady cycle!). But seriously, we are literally a different person EVERY week, whether that’s confident or leave me alone to bleed, right?


Which means we are NOT always going to have the confidence and motivation to show up on social media every day without fighting our hormones.


THAT’S why systems create profit and automation creates more than just an income, but the freedom to find joy in the process too!


How would you feel to have people applying to work with you while you spent your time with your babies? OR where netflixing on the couch because shark week took you out? Where you got to share on social media solely because you wanted to inspire others with what you're doing not because you were obligated to show up in order to have your business. 


Legit, THAT is what people in our community are doing and THIS is the result they are getting since they decided to treat their business, LIKE a business.

Results image.png

Can you imagine, building something to work FOR you, instead of working FOR IT? 


​Automation is KEY.

This is what will take your income & skyrocket you ahead of the masses.


So HOW do you create an automated beast??


First thing you want to do is figure out EXACTLY who you want to attract. If you market to the masses and accept anyone and everyone, you’re going to attract a TON of people who will treat your opportunity or program like a free sample from Sephora, right? As in, its lost in a drawer somewhere in your bathroom and you never used it.


FIGURE OUT WHO YOUR IDEAL AUDIENCE IS and focus your messaging at them using Ads.


So many people are intimidated by ads but once you are clear on your high end offer and you have a strategy in place to guide your audience from where they are to where they want to be (ie; funnel), you attract high-quality paying customers and are ABLE TO reinvest your profit into your business, specifically your ads.


So let's crunch some numbers: If I asked you for $500.00 and told you I would give you $1,000 in return, would you make that trade?


Every single time, right!?


That is how ads work. You are able to grow your audience, specifying who you WANT to work with, instead of leaving it up to the social media algorithms to decide for you.


By generating unlimited traffic to your funnel (like how you got to reading this now), you are saving your precious time networking manually by putting yourself in front of people that are more likely to work WITH YOU using systems and ads.


Like real businesses DO and doing this well, which is totally possible when you know what you are doing, you can automate your business while attracting high quality prospects who actually want to work with you, in your sleep.


So how do you target your ideal client? Who is she?

  • Is your client wanting to find herself outside of motherhood?

  • To figure out how to build a business from home without being constantly “ON”?

  • To figure out how to get her pre-baby body back WITHOUT giving up foods she loves?

  • Ambitious but needs direction? 

  • Driven by incentives, recognition and earned trips to the beach?


You must know who you are talking to when you not only create your new opportunity but when you are using ads to target them too! This strategy alone has set the stage for massive growth, impact and income within our community, WITHOUT spreading yourself thin like the masses know as the only way...

Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 2.18.13 PM.png

Left to feel completely burnt out, with little return for your precious time.


Trust, me- been there never again. I want to be on social media because I want too, not because I HAVE Too. So that I can share my story with hopes to inspire woman to keep going, to know that they can rewrite their pain for purpose too NOT because I have ulterior motives to "convert them" into a client someday. 

WHY!? When ads can effectively do that hard work FOR YOU. Seriously, let them attract people who actually WANT what you have to offer. Don't try to convince people who aren't interested, that will literally just bring you dreamers, NOT doers, or people wanting a hand out but not willing to buy your product or invest in themselves or their future.


THAT is how you will take precious time from your family pouring into people who aren't as passionate about changing the trajectory of their lives like YOU are.

THAT is how you will attract high-quality clients that will invest in your program or opportunity!


You shouldn't have to convince someone that something is for them. They should know within their being because they feel PULLED to it. You should simply be there to offer a new opportunity to a targeted audience that will bring people like you, to you, without doing anything. 

That is leverage. That is how you scale to oblivion without losing your mind trying to do it all. Leverage creates freedom. 


And if you have a way to capitalize on residual income with a business opportunity on the side, your next step should be an application process.


You WANT people to apply to work with you. By prequalifying those who want to work with you, you are going to SAVE your self SO MUCH TIME then wasting it with those who just love the idea of what success LOOKS like but not willing to invest in themselves or put in any work to get there, right?

Time suckers. Seriously, if you have a family you are doing this for... or a life you value, you have NO time for that. That is why you automate a business. Yes, so you can scale to oblivion BUT FOR TIME TOO! What is the point of building a MASSIVE INCOME if you have no time to actually enjoy it?


Spend your valuable time with those who VALUE YOUR TIME. Creating an automated system AND application process will help you do that while also helping you generate cash to go FT in your business faster too! After all that IS the goal, right?


THIS feels good.


So to recap:

WHAT is your new opportunity? What do you have to offer someone that will stand out from the rest? What is your ideal client looking for?

WHO is your ideal audience and HOW can you get in front of them using ADS WITHOUT spamming your friends or family or leaving it to the algorithm to decide on social media?


So this is what that looks like for people using our methods...

Screen Shot 2022-07-22 at 2.19.56 PM.png

BUT there is one last part I am sure you are asking, right? 


The last step....HOW.


How do you implement this, right? It’s a lot of information and as exciting as it is it can be, it can also be completely overwhelming left to figure it out along within the googlespace of information right?


Which is why I wanted to be able to create a way for any woman looking to start & scale a business from home without all the guesswork. One that I wish I had when I first started my business that will save you the pain, time and tears of frustration trying to figure it all out alone.


 BUT before you continue reading, this is only intended for: 


👉Serious, driven, hard-working women who are ready to quit dreaming and start doing...


👉Those who know with the vehicle, resources, templates and guide to get them to where they wanna be, there's no stopping what they'll do


👉Those who not only wants to build a life changing INCOME but wants to impact the world in a positive way while they do it...

👉Those open to the result of network marketing WITHOUT the spam-taught methods or their family even knowing what they're up too...

If thats you, let's chat the final step to see how you could implement this all yourself too...


Secret #3: Duplication:  How I Made This Possible For Any Woman Looking To Start & Scale A Business From Home WITHOUT EVER Spamming Friends Or Family Or Messaging Strangers.... 

Click here to read how now...

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