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Secret #3: Duplication

How I Made This Possible For Any Woman Looking To Start & Scale A Business From Home WITHOUT Ever Spamming Friends Or Family 

In 2014 the internet was FREE game to network marketers and course creators.


Seriously, all you had to do was be on Instagram to start growing, message strangers and they wanted to join you.

Those who started in the market while it was HOT grew really, really FAST.

However, today it doesn’t work like that anymore. The internet is SO oversaturated with people spamming strangers with their opportunity about bitcoin or joining their MLM and people are sick of it.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t a market for your business it just means you have to ADAPT and leave the masses in order to jump ahead of them to BE the 1%!

There is seriously less than 5% of people doing what we teach within our community right now. Everyone else? They are stuck trying to recreate the way their mentors had success, banging there head around their next post that less than 10% of their followers will even see because of the algorithms not thinking about how it just doesn’t work that way anymore.

This is a more intentional way of building the life you want WITHOUT the burnout and that’s why such few people are doing it. They don’t want to put in the work upfront to give them the freedom LATER.

So they end up putting in the hard work anyways BUT they have no systems in place to actually create profit WITHOUT working or being “ON” 24/7.

BUT what if we made it so simple and had the entire roadmap ready for you to just START?

What does that even look like right?

  1. Well, one you'd utilize our online course to learn exactly how to start and scale with a leveraged recruiting strategy that only the TOP 5% are using!

  2. After learning a little bit, you start getting leads from me to help you get immediate results making anywhere from $650-$1400 UPFRONT per new recruit

  3. THEN you use our tools to learn how to build your own brand allowing you to recruit 30+ people per month while generating massive cash flow UPFRONT while you build your business & residual on the side, automatically

  4. You share this exact course and process WITH your clients to help them have the SAME exact success without posting 10x a day and blowing people up people feeling like a spammich….

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 9.42.52 AM.png

The key to capitalizing on the success in network marketing is to have a desired company you're passionate about & a leveraged way to market it.

The Hard & Complicated Way?

  • Sign up with that super-woman doing all the things on her social media, sending those "hey girl" messages, expanding her social media and wondering how she’s doing it and bleed yourself dry trying to duplicate her success…

  • Post multiple times a day on social media and try to build a huge following as you compete with the algorithm and masses doing the same thing…

  • Spam strangers on social media with those "hey girl" messages

  • Bug people who are not anywhere near as ambitious as you are and aren't willing to go through what it takes to build multiple 6 or 7 figure incomes WHILE making an impact

  • Spend money on ads with no return, knowledge or game plan

  • Spend money on launch materials that don’t create leverage

  • Get lost in the googlespace of information and then not following through on anything..

  • Make small commissions from your MLM until you burn out for the little return for your exhausting efforts...

Want to cause depression and disappointment? Go do those draining activities and become vulnerable at the hands of a rejecting stranger who is not interested in what you have.. and go follow those promoting that.

But it won’t be me, not anymore✌️.

I am not a salesperson

And I am no longer building my business like most Network Marketers do...

I am simply a Mom who had fallen on her face more times than she could count but refused to give up… because if I can rise from the darkest places in my life and show you that you don’t have to be confined to the box society taught you to live in or that your worth is NOT based on the critical reflective opinions of others …Then, every tear that brought me to sharing this blueprint with you today, was worth it.  

I know first hand that hope is the one thing that gives you the courage to rise again when you feel completely defeated. I mean really, what is life without hope?

I am here today living a dream because I didn’t give up and my hope is to ripple that into your life too. I don’t want you to just watch…I want you to believe YOU CAN TOO because YOU are so much stronger and CAPABLE than you give yourself credit for.

And if you made it this far, that is proof. Most people are content to the life they are dealt and not willing to take action to change their circumstances from victim to victor.

But not you. Just you taking the time to read this SHOWS me that you are!

It’s why I was determined to find and pave a NEW path for women like YOU, who know deep down they were MADE for more; and that with an effective strategy and the right mentor their BIG dreams are entirely possible. To not only build that life they envision for themselves but to be able to do it in a meaningful way!

The key to success in this industry is to treat it like a real business. To apply legitimate and effective marketing strategies; that will take work in the beginning setting a strong foundation but will inevitably save you SO MUCH time and grief later. 

BUT the first step is keeping it simple and starting where you are.

You don’t have to know what you’re doing to help others because I have already done that hard work FOR YOU. You just simply share these exact same tools and you are building your business in your sleep; Automating your entire teams’ trainings and only focusing spending your valuable time on rising leaders who are just as serious as you are about attaining a life of financial freedom.

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 3.16.51 PM.png

So what now!?

When I discovered this new approach to capitalizing on the residual opportunity within network marketing WITHOUT the spam tactics that gave it such a bad rep, it gifted me back that fire and belief I was searching for. It wasn’t all about the money, yes its nice but it was actually believing deep in my core that what I have to offer another woman not only works but the automation of the design will be the best use of their time to reap the most rewards; mentally and financially.​


To simplify this:

  1. Learn how to start and build your own pre-proven funnels with a recruiting process that turns cold leads into high-end buyers WITHOUT ever spamming a soul

  2. Get leads WHILE you are learning so you can start getting results IMMEDIATELY

  3. Use your trainings and knowledge of running ads with highly effective and automated sales funnels that I will provide to you (like the one that brought you here!) ...

  4. You get SUCCESS that you can confidently duplicate like a wildfire!


If you made it this far chances are you feel that PULL I once did, and this opportunity has the potential to change everything in your life as you currently know it...

AND that’s what I want for you BUT I want you to skip the pain I went through of losing myself and time I can never get back with my family trying to do “all the things” that gave me such a little return leading me to figuring out the "how" alone… and jump straight into that “PULL” you feel for more… because believe me when I say- if something wasn’t meant for you, you wouldn’t feel pulled to it.

Because of that, I put together a special offer for the 2 types of women I work with:

  1. The one looking to defy the odds and create the financial freedom AND time freedom they know is possible with the right strategy to create their life by design outside of their significant others or the corporate world...

  2. The one looking to rewrite her future and get paid to impact not only her own life but every single person guided into hers, WITHOUT old-school spam methods or sacrificing time with her family...

With that being said this is by application only, so if we determine together that it’s a good fit for you, I expect that you will take this training and the tools I give you seriously.

You can click here now to learn more…

I know your time is valuable and I wish I could help an unlimited number of women but then that would leave my family on the back burner like it did when I went looking for this opportunity in the first place. Which is why this is by application only and if you’re accepted, I will encourage you to do the same.


Rewritten By Design, LLC | Copyright ©2022 | All Rights Reserved