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How I Got Into The Best Shape Of My Life From Home 2 Kids Later...

👉Before my daughter was born I used to spend hours on the elliptical or treadmill at the gym trying to work off the guilt of a meal that googling and diet culture taught me as the only way to lose my unwanted weight.

👉I was obsessed over calories and literally restricted myself so much that all I could think about was food. All. Day. Long. Counting calories and excessive cardio guilt.

👉I felt so out of control but I got pregnant, brushed that problem under the rug and figured it was just life now.

⏩Fast forward 1 baby, 30lbs+ to lose postpartum, NO idea what I was doing, NO time or help with my daughter to make it to a gym and desperate to get my body back...


Insert these insane people on this little DVD workout my husband did that I swore I would never try... nope, not for me. WAY to uncoordinated to be caught doing that.

I waited for my husband to go to work, locked the door in case he came home early cuz I was not about to be caught doing this... and I hit play.

After years of being a cardio queen at the gym, I don’t think I had ever done a workout that effective in under 30 minutes. 


I liked it and I didn't have to go anywhere...

But it was the same workouts over and over again and I got BORED. That's when I discovered that these DVD's were actually out of date and they had an entire platform of hundreds of workouts on-demand. Which was like Netflix but for fitness, right? So I could stream any program on my tv/laptop and each program came with a calendar. All I had to do was print or screenshot the calendar, wake up and while my daughter did her morning tummy time I hit play on the workout that calendar told me to do that day...


❌No guess work.

❌No putting together my own workout

❌No YouTubing random workouts each day

✅Just hit play and be done in UNDER 30 minutes 

✅Follow the 3-8 week program I chose through.

✅Then when I finished I could do that program again OR switch to a different one

All for FAR less than I was paying for a MONTHLY membership to the gym I never made it to...(before I even had the kids stopping me from going in the first place haha)


And guess what!?

9 months later, thanks to creating and then stealing my husbands login and his inspiration to try it out in the first place- I lost ALL the baby weight, FROM HOME while my daughter did tummy time or literally crawled all over me haha. 

Seriously, not one of my workouts is perfect but they became consistent and consistency over perfection is what produces results!


*Results vary based on starting point and effort;)


I was finally FREE of obsessing about cardio and calorie counting- a day I never thought I would see. By using the nutrition program provided I was able to shift my mindset from “skinny” habits to “healthy" habits WITHOUT restrictions.

I knew my body NEEDED food and I was destroying my metabolism by not being consistent in fueling it. So, it was out with restrictive eating and in with everything in moderation, in spite of what I taught myself. I leaned into the unknown and focused more on weightlifting to PROVE to myself that I could still achieve results without cardio or counting steps on my Fitbit.

The journey was slow, it felt scary and sometimes even impossible BUT I am no longer afraid of any of it. I no longer think about what I am going to eat all day, I just listen to my body. If it wants chocolate, I eat the freaking chocolate. If I want energy, I eat the freaking protein & veggies. If it wants to socialize at a party and it has pizza, I eat the freaking pizza. If I miss a workout, so what? I try again the next day.

The tools I was provided taught me to remember that our bodies were designed to know what they need, our minds just have to shift back to trusting that. When I stopped letting my mind bully my body and diet culture deprive me, I started living. Eating the food, staying active and LIVING this beautiful life that I know I only have one chance at being the strongest, healthiest and happiest mom I can be to my babies.


Which leads us into...


👉How I Used A Simple & Proven Workout Schedule To FINALLY Stay Consistent & How You Can Too... 


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