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How I Used A Simple & Proven Workout Schedule To FINALLY Stay Consistent & How You Can Too...

As I mentioned earlier, after years of googling, youtubing and trying to write down what to do if I went to the gym so I looked like I knew what I was doing... and STILL not being consistent OR getting the results I wanted... I gave into checking out what my husband was doing. I saw they had a 30 day money back guarantee and figured, what can it hurt?

...And it didn't....


So, How Does This Work?

Pick from HUNDREDS of programs to fit your lifestyle, schedule and goals

  • No guesswork, they all come with a calendar to tell you what to do everyday

  • Do them anywhere you have wifi or download them to your device and stream them anytime

Supplements & Nutritionist At Your Fingertips

  • To teach you how to intuitively eat without counting calories or restrictions, giving you the energy and nutrition your body is craving to help you reach your goals.   

  • Meal Plans & templates to help you reach your specific goals

Virtual Accountability Groups & Health Tracking

  • Join my incredible community of women striving and challenging each other to help reach their goals OR

  • Go it alone and reach out if you need us!

  • Track your weight, measurements, food, progress and workouts all in one place.

All included for a year at a price less than most people pay monthly for their gym membership

With that, you have 2 options:


1. Do nothing or google another way and get lost in the googlespace of endless amounts of workouts, diets and information...



2. Fill out an application to chat here now and learn more about how you can start your fitness journey to becoming that strong, healthy and confident woman you so desperately yearn to be..


You can fill out an application by clicking here now...


I want to challenge you...

 instead of letting fear, overwhelm or doing things perfectly STOP you, let faith guide you.

 FEAR = false evidence appearing real
Faith = is the imagination directed with intention

No matter what your current circumstances may be, you are stronger then you're giving yourself credit for. Call on that strength. That hunger burning in you for change.

Call on that part of you that is done with excuses and reasons why it's not the
time so that you can show yourself what you are capable of and finally become who you yearn to be

And as you do, we will be here for you...
We are here to serve YOU, should you be willing to serve yourself too<3
So tell me, do you think you’re ready to become THAT YOU, that I know just by you making it this far- is dying to come out?
Is a simple application to see if you're a good fit worth the gamble?

Click here now to leave your application and you could be diving into a NEWFOUND you literally a day from now…


Talk soon,

Alicia Hernandez

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